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If you, as most of our clients are, occupied often by business travel, than you know how important it is to arrive at that meeting on time. Also if you are a "senator or HON-member" the plane will still not wait for you. Here our perfect service comes into play: we bring you to the airport or pick you up on time and in a relaxed manner, we will help you with your luggage so that you can prepare and concentrate on yourself and the more important things in life. On board we have drinks and many newspapers available for you. You need some additional help at the airport or you need additional information before departure or after arriving? No problem, we will be there to assist and help you independent of the airport where you have booked us.


vip shuttle-serviceVIP-Shuttle–Service

The name Shuttle service defined the transport of people on a regular and recurring sequences between fixed points where the distances are quite short – for example: from the hotel or meeting location to the city center. We are very glad to offer this service for you. At first we discuss with you a perfect shuttle schedule and the corresponding vehicles of your choice adapted to the number of persons to be transported. This vehicles run then regularly between the specified stops to bring your guests safe and quickly from point A to point B.


at disposalAt your disposal

Just in case you have to attend business meetings one after another but you don't know the exact timing of journey between each meeting, then allow us to take this load off your mind. We will offer you a driver at your personal disposal, whereby you can personally decide the actual plan, the time, and the general set-up to suit your day. This offer is independent if you are on a tour lasting several days, or if you are in town for just a single day, we will provide a driver at your disposal. The same offer remains true also for our headquarters.


stdtereiseCity trips and sightseeing

A perfect complement to your vacation or business trip

This service is not the obvious choice for our business traveller, but it remains a perfect opportunity for you to relax by taking one of our short sightseeing tours.

Finally, it is not only a comfortable but very individual way for you to explore a foreign city with our limousine service. Use the expertise of our drives to take you to your destination while revealing the secrets of the city away from the public crowd. Please rely on the knowledge of our drivers, whom can recommend to you the best restaurants, bars, clubs and shopping opportunities as well as the important points of interest in the city. Whilst our drivers are naturally good guides, we can also organize a personal guide in your own language so there is no limit to enjoyment. We also organize tickets for concerts for the theatre, which will be delivered to you as soon as you hop on board one of our limousines.


medical careMedical Care Travel-Management

Use Germany's best medicine, we take you there.

Since Gemany can offer excellent medical standards, many foreign people use this opportunity to get the best medical treatment in Germany. Germany has a area-wide coverage of highly specified medical centers in different disciplines, with highly qualified medical doctors that you will not find concentrated in other countries Here, we may also be able to provide some useful German contacts that may be of interest to you. We can help in preparing and conducting your travel, as well as with the search for the specific medical centre, just in case you are undecided which place is best for you. Please let us arrange your stay as a patient to be as comfortable as possible. When you have no family member as an accompanying person, then we can even arrange a personal assistant for you in addition to our driver. We will help you with all the formal papers in relation to your treatment and discharge, help find a hotel, and also organize a translator if needed, leaving you to concentrate just on you medical treatment. We will do our best to make you feel better, and can organize and structure your free time between the medical treatments.


chauffeurvermittlungChauffeur Service

Chauffeur service

Enjoy this exclusive service with a little bit more liberty in your private or business life. When you commit yourself to us then you can expect the highest safety, partly due to our excellent driver qualities that include flexibility, discretion, and loyalty. Our drivers will always convince you with a proper appearance, staying in the background unless called upon. Their good language skills will also always aid you during your journey. Our company has the highest internal driver standards that can be applied, with compulsory safety training that is regularly performed. We will select the best driver for your needs, as based upon your specific requests.



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